We would like to welcome you to ArtTrac’s website.

ArtTrac Technology LLC is a technology solutions provider that designs, implements and maintains effective, practical solutions for tracking, inventory management, security and conservation of high-value assets such as art, cultural property, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, weapons and tools. By coupling RFID and other data capture technologies with asset management cloud software, or on premise server software, and linking that to the clients’ communications network ,  ArtTrac enables its clients to track these valuable assets in storage or warehoused, on exhibition, and in transit.  Additionally, ArtSync software is capable of  monitoring and recording  live environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, presence of fluids and send alarms when preset limits are exceeded.

We intend to use this forum inform those responsible for protecting and inventorying assets on technology innovations that can be deployed in that pursuit.

Please return frequently as we will be posting interesting articles about tools that are available and events that are happening in the trade.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 1990-2014


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