ArtTrac upgrades the artSYNC Portal

ArtTrac has totally redesigned it cloud based artSYNC  software user portal. The new design provides a familiar icon environment that facilitates tracking and inventorying of assets that are recorded by active RFID and passive RFID readers connected to the internet.
iq3 portal screenshot

The icons make it easy to associate asset ID’s with RFID tag ID’s, add or remove users, enter locations, create asset information, create notifications and alerts, and create reports about asset status quickly.  In addition, a new environmental monitoring dashboard has been added.  The portal also has a step by step on-line video guide to assist the user in navigating through the icons.  Please contact ArtTrac for a live demonstration.

ArtTrac Introduces ArtSentinel

ArtSentinel is a location based mobile platform developed to leverage wireless technology for asset tracking and environmental sensing providing real time, in-transit visibility while your high value assets are “on the road”.
ArtSentinel integrates RFID and GPS cellular and satellite communications with Google Earth interface giving you the ability to track art and other high value assets (pharmaceuticals, precious metals, silicone wafers and circuit boards, cold chain supply), beyond the four walls of your enterprise.

artSYNC is cloud based software that enables machine to machine (M2M) data communication from ArtSentinel to be accessed from any internet web browser. Data and charts of location and environmental conditions are archived and custom or standard periodic reports can be generated by the software.


Closure Monitoring Sensor

Door Open/Close Sensor

ArtTrac’s closure monitoring sensor is a battery powered RF Transmitter that broadcasts its unique ID and the door status message once every 10 seconds. The sensor attaches to doors/frames, display cases, print inventory drawers, art crate lids, secure inventory storage room doors, or any application where  open and close status needs to be continually monitored. Once installed, the sensor will monitor and report the door status, enabling you to track the enclosure access attempts using artSYNC active RFID asset infrastructure. Notifications of an open or close event are instantly sent to designated responders.

Introducing ArtTracAPS (Art Protection System)

ArtTrac Technology LLC is the leading supplier of asset tracking solutions for art, wine and other high value assets – providing “peace of mind” visibility for all your assets while installed, in-transit and in-storage.

ArtTrac  is introducing ArtTracAPS (Art Protection System)

ArtTracAPS  is an active RFID system that utilizes motion sensors attached to the asset then sends real time  alert messages to the appropriate authorities when an incident occurs.   ArtTrac can configure the system to integrate with existing ERP, WMS, or art management software, capturing not only location information, but a permanent chain of custody record database of all transactions and movements.

Unlike other systems on the market,   ArtTracAPS  is economical because it is simple to install and use. It is non-invasive because all we require is an Internet connection. Once the readers are connected, all you need is a web browser to access  real-time dashboard, analytics, ad-hoc reports generator, events and notifications, and the myriad other system features.

The use of RTLS (Real Time Locating System) technology with GPS and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provides innovative tools for inventory management, and tracking and monitoring of art and high value assets.   ArtTrac provides tracking technology   and   software   services   to   fine  art service companies, museums, private collectors, corporate collectors, library art collections, galleries, foundations, auction houses and artists.

Live in-house demonstration presentations are available by contacting Dave Eastin at 603-365-1967 or Joe Weldon 941-320-3638.




ArtTrac Technology’s Temperature, Dew Point, and Humidity Sensors


An important part offering in ArtTrac’s wireless suite of sensors is the humidity, temperature and dew point product.  Humidity-Temperature sensors monitor and report the relative humidity and ambient temperature in its immediate environment.  It is designed for use in environmentally-sensitive areas, such as exhibition galleries, storage vaults or any humidity sensitive areas.  The sensor has an accuracy of +/-2°F and +/-5% RH (typical). The sensor is designed for years of reliable performance in an operating range from –4°F to +158°F and 0% to 95% RH. The battery life for the Humidity-Temperature tag will exceed 3.5 years in most deployment environments. The tag operates with a very low duty cycle and a 10-second beacon rate.  The battery is replaceable and a “low battery” alert is sent as an alarm.  Limit ranges for humidity and temperature can easily be programmed into ArtTrac’s artSYNC software.  This affordable sensor tag is mounted in an impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure.

Real time alerts are sent by email or SMS to the response authorities in the security office, and any internet device.   The wireless sensor can be relocated so that it can be used as a tool in evaluating HVAC performance throughout the building.

The software records data sent from the sensor.  Reports depicting historic trends, fluctuations of environmental variables, and other managerial decision making reports can be generated by the artSYNC software.