Dry Contact State Change Sensor

Dry Contact Wireless Sensor

In a recent on-line seminar  by Steve Layne, CEO of Layne Consultants, in conjunction with the National Institute of Preservation, Steve said the top three greatest threats most mentioned by individuals responsible for cultural property protection are:  1. FIRE, 2. FIRE, 3. FIRE.

Part of ArtTrac’s  suite of  environmental RFID sensors is a Dry Contact Sensor featuring two twisted wires that enable connection to a dry contact device.  Once connected, the sensor will monitor and report the open and closed states of the device.  The sensors greatly simplify the monitoring of dry contact enabled devices such as UPS Systems (uninterruptible power supply), air conditioning systems, smoke alarms, heat alarms, lighting switches, motion sensors, etc.

For example, if a smoke alarm were to become activated (dry contact state changes) the RFID sensor would immediately broadcast three beacons at 0.5 seconds apart.  The notification is wirelessly picked up by an RFID reader and the information is sent over the internet to ArtTrac’s artSYNC SaaS (cloud) software.  First responders, security personnel and designated individuals would then be notified by email or SMS messages on any internet connected device.  This is especially significant in areas where the smoke alarms are not connected to the security alarm system.