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A software platform that seamlessly integrates data from multiple systems including active RFID, passive RFID, Access Control, and iOS based appliances with a customer’s security monitoring system, desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, or internet device.  artSYNC is also available on-premise on a server behind the user’s firewall.


ArtTracAPS  Art Protection System

Active RFID system that utilizes motion sensors attached to the asset then sends real time  alert messages to the appropriate authorities when an incident occurs.   ArtTrac can configure the system to integrate with existing ERP, WMS, or art management software, capturing not only location information, but a permanent chain of custody record database of all transactions and movements. The system architecture is designed to accommodate the growth of your business and extend the functionality as needed.

Art in Exhibition Gallery

Art in Exhibition Gallery




ArtVault  Stationary 

Records the entry, presence and exit of all assets and personnel in and out of an area.  The system sends alert messages to the appropriate authorities when an incident occurs.   Inventory accuracy and productivity is significantly improved.

Art Inventory shotArt in Storage


ArtVault  Mobile Handheld

Using a handheld RFID reader with artSYNC Mobile Reader software, the user can walk through a facility  to read all of the tagged assets, then download the inventory.  The file formatted as a CSV file, would include information such as Handheld Reader ID, Tag ID, Item, Item Location, Date and Time. 


Warehouse Inventory Management

ArtSentinel  Visibility of Mobile Assets 

ArtSentinel is a location based system (LBS) for cargo tracking that provides up-to-date, in-transit asset visibility while your high value assets are ‘on the road’.  ArtSentinel integrates RFID and GPS, cellular and satellite communications with a Google-Earth Interface, giving you the ability to track art and other high value assets, beyond the four walls of your enterprise.  Electronic surveillance with notification alarms or 24/7 human IMB (Information Management Bureau) available.  ArtSentinel can also be connected by Ethernet to the internet with AC or DC power and function as a remote monitoring station.

ArtSentinel running on 12VDC


ArtSense   Environmental and Fluid Sensors

ArtSense is ArtTrac’s wireless suite of sensors.  Location and motion monitoring is critical to tracking valuable assets.  Environmental monitoring affords the ability to know, in real time, the conditions in which  art, people and equipment are operating.  ArtTrac’s suite of sensors include Space and Location, Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Tamper, Door, Fluid, Pressure, Dry Contact, Air Flow, and Photo Electric.

History dashboardDSC03399

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