Key People

Joe Weldon, Managing Partner, Joe Weldon combines senior management experience, asset tracking experience, and an in-depth knowledge of the art world. He was president of a Bemis labeling packaging subsidiary, where he grew sales from $90 million to $250 million. Joe has managed multi-plant manufacturing, converting and distribution operations, and consulted with packing and labeling organizations. He has developed materials for bar code applications and grew a bar code materials product line from $0 to $30 million. He has also been an advisor to GenTag on RFID-enabled smart packaging. Joe has been an avid art collector for more than 30 years, with a particular interest in Modern Russian Nonconformist artists, Contemporary American and African art. Through his passion for both art and the business of art, he has developed long-term relationships with leading artists, art galleries, auction houses, curators and others in both the artistic and business sides of the art community, giving him both an understanding of the needs of the marketplace and a high degree of access to these leaders.

David Eastin, Managing Partner, Dave Eastin has been a pioneer in the RFID business almost as long as he has been involved in the art world. Following a career in pressure sensitive label and auto-ID businesses, Dave began to engineer RFID labeling and application technology with Matrics Technologies, one of the two seminal companies in modern RFID. Dave has worked with Symbol Technologies and Motorola as Director of Label Development and was issued several patents on the technology. Dave’s extensive interactions with the leaders in RFID over the past 10 years gives ArtTrac the knowledge base and resources to specify, install and service the art asset tracking business. Like Joe Weldon, Dave has been an avid art collector for several decades, with a particular focus on Modern Russian Nonconformist artists, Pop Art, and Neo-symbolism. He has developed extensive relationships with leaders in many different segments of the art community, including other collectors, artists, curators, specialized art moving and storage companies, and security directors.

















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