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World-Class Technology Solutions For Tracking, Inventory and Security Of Art, Jewelry and Other High-Value Assets

ArtTrac is a specialized technology solutions provider that designs, implements and maintains effective, practical solutions for tracking, inventory management, security and conservation of high-value cultural assets such as art, jewelry and collectibles. By coupling wireless sensor technology and other data capture technologies with asset management software, and linking that to the clients’ communications network and existing enterprise software systems, the Company enables its clients to track these valuable assets in storage, on exhibition, and in transit.

ArtTrac has developed industry leading sensor technology for the protection of cultural property.  Our environmental sensors are wireless, small form factor and encompass temperature, humidity, dew point, and liquid sensing. The motion detection sensors are ideal for protecting paintings, and in pressure pad format, designed for protecting 3D objects on exhibition. The artSYNC Software available on the Cloud is an industry first and provides an efficient method for protecting art in temporary exhibitions, transportation as well as permanent installations.

The company combines several critical core competencies that enable it to be a premier advisor and solution provider in this specialized area:

• A deep knowledge of RFID technology strategy and capabilities, custom engineering of systems, and the ability to develop and implement practical solutions

• A personal understanding of clients’ needs, especially in the areas of inventory, tracking and security for art, jewelry, cultural property and collectibles

• Leadership in RFID and other automated data capture technologies, with a management team with experience and solid industry reputations in RFID-related hardware, software, integration, implementation and consulting

• Exclusive access to current and emerging technologies, through special arrangements with world-class hardware and software vendors

• Reputation and standing in the art community, including long-term personal relationships with curators, gallery owners, security advisors, artists and collectors throughout the world; membership in the registrars, packing,and technical committees of the American Association of Museums; IFCPP and speaking engagements at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

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