ArtSense Environmental Sensors- Humidity/Temperature

ArtTrac’s Humidity-Temperature Sensor is designed for use in environmentally sensitive applications such as cultural property storage, cold-chain temperature verification for drugs, food, and meat storage.  The sensors used in conjunction with ArtTrac’s ArtSentinel mobile system can verify and send alarms with the assets are “on the road”.

The sensors on board the tag monitor and report the relative humidity and ambient temperature in their immediate environment.

The tag periodically reports its unique ID along with the sensor data observed by the tag.  The tag also, reports its location.  The read range is up to 300 feet  in an open field.

The mobile readers communicate through the internet with artSYNC software located on the cloud.

This affordable sensor tag is mounted in an impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure and can be inserted into a mounting hozzle if desired.


The sensor has an accuracy of +/- 2°F and +/- 5% RH (typical).

The tag is designed for years of reliable performance in an operating range from –20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F) and 0% to 95% RH.

 The battery life for the Humidity-Temperature tag will exceed 3.5 years in most deployment environments.  The tag operates with a very low duty cycle and a 10-second beacon rate.  It features a low-battery alert, the tag will continue to monitor humidity and temperature for at least three months following this alerting.  After that, the tag will continue to broadcast its unique ID and a low battery indication with each beacon, but will not report temperature and humidity until the battery is replaced.

All data collected can be observed real-time on the artSYNC dashboard.

Fullscreen capture 372014 35426 PM.bmp

 Reports can be generated, downloaded and printed for any time period that data was recorded.



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