ArtSYNC One Platform, Multiple Technologies

ArtSYNC software platform was designed to capture a wide range of signal inputs from technologies including:

  • active and passive RFID,
  • RTLS,
  • Ultra Wide Band,
  • Barcode (in conjunction with Motorola MC9190 handheld)  and
  • Sensors.

ArtSYNC can be deployed on a variety of form factors, including:

  • Fixed RFID readers,
  • mobile carts,
  • handheld readers, and
  • mobile computing devices (ArtSYNC Mobil).

ArtSYNC can be purchased as an enterprise or site license, or on a SaaS subscription basis.
In addition to high value art assets, ArtSYNC tracks, monitors and secures assets ranging from files and tools to laptops, servers and lab equipment.

All art solutions provide a web-based interface, zonal monitoring with mapping and integrate with enterprise asset management and MRP applications.

ArtSYNC provides visibility indoors, outdoors, and in yards.

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