ArtSYNC Features and Benefits

Ease of Installation: Because it uses wireless technology, ArtTrac’s ArtSYNC tracking systems can be setup and made operational in much less time than conventional systems that require extensive organizational data center resources and IT infrastructure. The RFID reader hardware comes pre-configured to upload data directly to ArtTrac’s  ArtSYNC platform through a standard Internet connection.

Real Time Monitoring:  Record precisely where the assets and employees are at all times. Record movement and visibility as it changes. Automatic alerts can notify you if something goes where it’s not allowed.

Real Time Mapping: Our platform offers the ability to pull in a map of your existing floor plan and create zones of real time visibility into your assets and operations. The mapping functions support zonal and chokepoint read capability. Each zone can be individually configured to provide unique alerting and business logic.

Automated Record Keeping: The location and attributes of assets and the environmental conditions are recorded in real time – no human intervention is required.  ArtSYNC has a powerful analytics engine that allows you to configure and generate a standard report set based on criteria you select. ArtSYNC stores data in a standard SQL database so you’ll be able to use any popular report writing application to generate ad hoc reports. With ArtSYNC’s total asset reporting features, you’ll know where and when your assets were moved.

Environmental Monitoring:  ArtTrac’s advanced sensor technology enables real time proactive monitoring and reporting of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dew point, presence of fluids, and pressure.  If any environmental condition is outside the limits you set, an automatic alert is sent.

Alert Notification
ArtSYNC‘s flexible dashboards deliver key decision making information. Virtual zones can be set to send alerts when an asset has crossed a boundary. Real-time alerting options include email, SMS and general purpose input-output devices.

Web-based user reports provide real-time reporting for optimizing customer operations and making timely decisions.

ArtSYN has a scalable distributed architecture built upon Microsoft BizTalk Server for RFID that enables integration to key business systems and aggregation of data capture technologies.

 ArtSYNC   is offered as a secure on-premise (server based ) application

Server Based:  Not into cloud based data storage?  artSYNC  software is also configurable for server based applications installed on-premise behind your firewall.  The server based product is especially robust and specifically designed for inventory and asset data management.







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