ArtTrac introduces fluid environmental sensor

One aspect of cultural property protection is assuring that valuable assets when in storage, on exhibition or during moving either on site or remotely do not come into contact with water from leaks, seepage or unexpected dampness. It is essential to be warned of the presence of liquids real time so that immediate corrective actions can be taken.

For this purpose, ArtTrac is introducing a wireless sensor that connects to ArtTrac’s artTSYNC software powered by iQ3.  This is the same sensor system that ArtTrac deploys in tracking art and sending security alerts if motion is detected.

Combining thin-film technology with real-time, wire-free environmental monitoring technology, the new sensor provides the freedom and ease to deploy liquid detection wherever vulnerabilities to conductive liquids threaten cultural property assets.

The unique qualities of this thin-film sensor make it easy to deploy in a variety of  difficult to monitor areas such as:

  • Floor- or ceiling mounted pipes
  • Vulnerable floor areas including areas under or above a raised floor
  • Water delivery systems and chillers, including those found under raised floors in older facilities.
  • Air conditioning units and walls

Unlike traditional leak detection sensors that need “air time” to dry off between water incidents, the  film-based sensor can be immediately wiped down and ready for action instantly. As a result, there is no leak detection downtime—the period between incidents that typical leak sensors require to dry off fully before recouping their ability to sense for water presence. In addition, the amount of liquid presence needed to initiate a leak alert is minimal, thereby reducing response time to an emerging threat.

The Fluid Detector attaches to an active RFID sensor tag via a three meter cord, allowing maximum placement flexibility.  The film based thin sensor can extend up to 150 feet in length monitoring a significant area. Like all  wire-free sensors, information captured by the sensor tag is instantly broadcast, providing real time monitoring and alerting about environmental conditions at a site.