Automatic Monitoring of Environmental Conditions in the Cold Chain Supply

The mandates of The Food Safety Modernization Act, signed by President Obama on January 4, 2011 were put in place to ensure the cold supply chain for food (meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables), drugs, vaccines, etc. meet the standards of their industries. To date, most of the data collection has been done by data loggers that measure temperature. They are turned on at the beginning of a shipment stopped at the end then uploaded to a PC manually to provide historical bread crumb trail of location and temperature that has to be manually analyzed.

ArtTrac is introducing a new and improved system that makes it easy for any authorized participant in the cold chain supply (growers, manufacturers, shippers and customers) to access the data real-time through any internet device. The environmental sensor is accurate to +/- 2 F. The Automatic monitoring Unit (AMU) operates from the cab of the truck running on DC-V from the battery. A battery back up is also available in the unlikely event that the truck battery fails. Data is collected and sent to artSYNC software residing on the cloud. If the temperature exceeds the preset range, an immediate SMS or email message is sent to the predetermined authorities. All data is archived and reports with graphs can be generated for any period that is needed. The AMU also uses cellular and satellite GPS to locate the vehicle at any point through the trip. This is a very real-time, flexible and economic method to have granular,  accurate information during the shipment and historical documentation for regulatory compliance.